The Association for Teaching Kids Economics (ATKE) was founded to empower young people with the tools of economic thinking to better understand and solve problems on a global, local, and personal level.

We envision a world where young people participate in, and help build, a free society that maximizes human flourishing and individual liberty. We lay the foundation upon which this vision will be realized by educating the rising generation in the virtues of free enterprise, voluntary association, and the economic way of thinking.

We provide access to resources, training, and support to all involved in youth education including teachers, parents, and students. Whether participating in traditional public institutions or alternative education programs, we empower people to effectively learn, teach, and live according to the principles of free market economics.

We create and curate the best available instructional resources and curricula designed to teach kids economics. We foster relationships between institutions, educators, community leaders, and families to make these resources accessible in diverse learning environments and technology channels with an emphasis on furthering individual scholarship and application of these ideas.

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