ATKE is currently developing economic curriculum—lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and more—based primarily on the Tuttle Twins series of children’s books.

Economics is typically perceived by students to be boring and irrelevant. That perception quickly changes when children read these fun stories, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

The author, Connor Boyack, who serves as ATKE’s president, began producing the material after looking for economic material to help teach his children the ideas of a free society. Finding nothing, he began producing this series to not only teach his children, but every child.

The series has sold over 100,000 books in its short life so far, and is being translated into many different languages. Families around the world have enjoyed and benefitted from the principles and ideas these books contain. Now, with ATKE, we are seeking donor support to provide books and curriculum to classrooms where teachers and ATKE ambassadors can help young students learn about the free market.

In the months ahead, we will update this page with detailed information about how teachers can obtain and use these materials to help educate their students.