ATKE is the only organization bringing engaging economic content to K-8 students. There is a compelling need to help young students understand and embrace economic ideas—our future depends upon the rising generation’s faithfulness to a free market. We thank you for your interest in helping us reach more students with this message!

Your contribution can be made towards one of three efforts:

Your State

We are setting up a Free Market Scholarship Fund in each state, allowing us to reach schools in your community. We will steer your investment towards impacting students in your state.

ATKE Ambassador Program

Your contribution to this fund will allow us to pay parents and educators to do class presentations and school assemblies, reaching more young students with a free market message.

General Support

ATKE is building curriculum, activities, lesson plans, and more—and this takes money! Your general support contribution will enable us to continue developing our free market materials.

Some of the success stories