Working Together to Improve Economic Education

The Association for Teaching Kids Economics (ATKE) was founded to empower young people (K-8) with the tools of economic thinking to better understand and solve problems on a global, local, and personal level. We envision a world where these young people participate in and help build a free society that maximizes human flourishing and individual liberty. We lay the foundation upon which this vision will be realized by educating rising generations in the virtues of free enterprise, voluntary association, and the economic way of thinking.

If your organization has a complementary vision, we invite you to join us as an Institutional Partner.

Benefits of Institutional Partnership

  • Your content will be featured in training materials for educators, instructional resources for students, and supplementary educational tools for parents and families.
  • You will be included in our monthly newsletter for all ATKE members, highlighting new programs, events, and general information about our partners.
  • Information about your organization will be included with every book we distribute (over 150,000 copies in year one, more in later years).
  • Your social media and web-based content will be regularly promoted through our social channels to expose our members and supporters to your work.
  • You will be featured as an Institutional Partner on our website with a link back to your site.


Increasing Your Reach

Ultimately, we offer something much more valuable to each of our Institutional partners: we help you be more effective at accomplishing your mission. Our programs extend the scope and reach of the work that you are already doing to reach new demographics. ATKE becomes a pipeline that leads parents, educators, and students directly to your organization. Students enter your programs with a solid foundational understanding of economics, excited and eager to learn more. Parents become advocates and activists within their communities, building support for free-market principles. Educators connect with the scholars you support and the research they produce, improving both content and pedagogical aspects of their craft.

As we find support and success in our efforts, our Institutional   Partners will experience both an immediate and a lasting impact as their organizations and programs are more broadly known, more widely sought out, and more effective in the execution of their objectives.

As we develop these relationships with you, our Institutional Partner, we help each other within the scope of our respective missions as we all strive to ultimately make the world more free.