Working Together to Improve Economic Education

The Association for Teaching Kids Economics (ATKE) was founded to empower young people (K-8) with the tools of economic thinking to better understand and solve problems on a global, local, and personal level. We create and curate the best available instructional resources and curricula designed to teach kids economics. We foster relationships between institutions, educators, community leaders, and families to make these resources accessible in diverse learning environments and technology channels with an emphasis on furthering individual scholarship and application of these ideas.
We invite you to join us!

Benefits of Membership

As economic educators, we understand that incentives matter, so you may be asking what is in it for you when you join our ATKE. Here is a short list of just some of the benefits you can expect to experience through memebership:

  • Access to all ATKE resources including exclusive lesson plans and activities.
  • Our monthly newsletter showcasing relevant articles, creative activities, and special programs from our partners.
  • Weekly “Bite-size Econ” podcast applying the economic way of thinking to everyday life, perfect for you and your students.
  • Monthly Q&A Hangouts with experts in economics and education from our professional supporting members network.
  • Exclusive student competitions for those affiliated with ATKE members (teachers or parents).
  • Membership in the ATKE Educators Forum to share and learn innovative teaching strategies.
  • Online professional development programs that can be completed at your convenience.
  • Opportunity to become an ATKE Certified Educator!

Extending Your Network

ATKE connects you with parents, educators, innovators, academics, and others with an interest in economic ideas to help you make a lasting difference in the lives of your students—pointing you to resources, programs, events, and other opportunities that can help these children be more informed and inspired about the world around them.

Join today!

ATKE membership is $49/year — and we hope you’ll join us so we can work together to increase economic education among young students!